climote is building relationships with Installers all over Ireland

Posted by climote / News 15 February 2011

climote is building relationships with installers all over Ireland


The climote remote control device for home heating was launched in recent days and offers electricians both a new, innovative technology to work with and other benefits too. With the anticipation that climote will reach the mass market in Ireland in 2012, the Smarthomes-backed company seeks electricians to become approved installers and ensure this product rollout goes to plan.

The technology is easy to install, it does not need a broadband connection and the installer can make extra money by supplying and installing it themselves. Half day training workshops have been held throughout the country in 2011 and further dates will be added in 2012. This training workshop will cover aspects from installation, Internet and Smartphone operations to customer relations and dealing with climote customers. A genuinely unique product, climote offers a level of remote control previously not available on the market.

Approved installers can also buy the unit at a discount and many have signed up to the training course in the realisation that there will be many new climote customers needing their services in the first half of the New Year.

If you are an electrician and are interested in becoming an approved installer, find out what benefits climote can offer you.