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“I think the climote system is fabulous and worked brilliantly while we were away. Being able to put your heating on when the weather is bad at home would have saved us 1,000 Euros one year when we had our bad Winter here in Leitrim and although we turned all our water off we still had burst pipes and lots of damage. That won’t happen again because we are now in control of our heating no matter where we are.”

– Trudy and Dave Wilson via email

“I have this climote heating control it’s money we’ll spent I would recommend its a brilliant product for saving on bills”

 – Joan Breen via Facebook

“I have had the Climote heating control device in my home for over 18 months. It has cut consumption by over 20%”

John Mullins via Twitter

“climote is the one device that we installed in our new house that we could not do without and will be at the top of the list when we build our dream home. Its so easy to use and has the heat on when we want, not just when the clock ticks round! We ask ourselves, after we’ve text the heat on from the couch, how did we ever live without it!”

– Niall Carroll via Facebook

“The climote controller has been one of the smartest innovations in the domestic home automation market for years. Having installed my unit purchased end of 2012 I am already realising savings on my heating costs. In today’s economic climate with rising oil and gas prices it makes perfect sense to invest in Climote, an Irish product developed by a team of talented, forward thinking entrepreneurs! Keep up the great work!”

– Dennis Nordon via Linkedin

“What I like the most of this innovative and efficient product is the comfort I feel when I control my home heating from anywhere I want any time I like, and of course the design of the external device and software interface. The app interface and performance is PERFECT. I got completely amazed with Climote app, it has lovely designs, an efficient organization, a user-friendly interface and it’s very easy to use and understand. Seriously, it’s fabulous, please download it and see yourself.”

 – Elena Montes via Linkedin

“Great product, it makes life so much easier and is simple to use. A must for busy families!”

– Julie Colgan via Linkedin

“climote is a fantastic product. Whether you use it to pre-heat your house while out and about, or simply to boost the heat from the couch, it is well worth the small investment for the long-term gains on your heating bills. I would recommend climote to anyone. Also a great house-warming gift!”

– Rowan Higgs via Facebook

“I had Climote installed just 5 months ago and I can honestly say that I don’t know how I managed before without it! It was installed into our home – an old Victorian house – in a matter of hours, very quickly and hassle free. As a mum of a new born I use it all the time, if I’m out and about I simply use the Climote app on my phone to turn the heat on, then when I arrive home the place is nice and toasty – peace of mind when you have a small baby. Also in cases where the heat is on a timer and I realise I won’t be home for a while I simply use the app to turn my heat off – I save quiet a bit of money by doing this. I love this product and I would highly recommend it especially if you want to save money and lower you heating bills. Heating timers are a thing of the past, with Climote you have full control of your heating system at the touch of a button regardless of where you are. The product is reasonably priced and the money you save covers the cost in no time.”

– Valerie Ferguson via Facebook

“The most brilliant product since the wheel, I recommend it to everyone who sees it. Thank you for sorting out the thermostat, which is important – I await the updates eagerly!”

Simon Leopold via Email

“Its a this time of the year you appreciate the climote proposition and the confidence and peace of mind it provides in remotely managing a property so keep up the good work.”

– John Kelly via Email