Remote Control for your heating is now a reality

Posted by climote / News 14 February 2012

Remote control for home heating is now a reality


Conceived and developed by Smarthomes, climote is an Irish success story with a foundation in new thinking and innovation. The climote device for heating remote control was released to the market in recent days. It allows people access their home or office heating from anywhere using the Internet, Smartphone or even their mobile phone.

Based in Co. Louth, climote are the first to offer this technology as a viable product for the public and expect climote to become well established in the coming years. The team at climote have recognised that remote control heating and a level of control offers many benefits in terms of both lifestyle and cost control.

Customers will have the climote HUB installed in their home by a climote endorsed installer as a direct replacement for the traditional timer on their wall. They can then mange their heating on this unit or by logging on to the Internet, using their Smartphone or sending text messages to the HUB with specific pre-programmed commands. With reporting functions included, it also acts as an energy consumption monitor for the home.

‘Using climote means people can have their heating on when they actually need it instead of just following the timer. It’s real control over your heating from anywhere,’ said Person, job title at climote.
Why not explore climote for yourself and see the benefits of remote control