Timing is everything – climote in the Irish Examiner

Posted by Emma / News 13 January 2013

In an ideal world, we would be vigilant, patiently changing any time clock running the system according to our plans day to day. In some households this has become a serious business as the timer is regularly overridden. We’re talking here about the ‘on’ and ‘off’ function directed into heat/water or both rather than playing with the fine tuning of a variety of zones and temperatures. ”

” Electric Ireland, formerly the ESB, have launched a product that could save oil and gas users not only significant cost on running their wet central systems (as much as €350 is the estimate for an oil heated home). The Climote overcomes the problem of unlaid plans interfering with the heat schedule and leaving an orphaned system warming an empty space or delivering a frigid house on your return from a truly freezing day. If a cold snap takes hold while we’re on holiday and the heating is not running in the house at all, we have no choice but to wheedle a key holder or family member to let themselves in and jiggle a timer they are not familiar with to potentially protect pipes from freezing. ”


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