climote Remote Text (SMS) Service

Posted by Emma / News Uncategorized 1 September 2015

We have recently introduced a new climote Remote Text Service as part of an ongoing service improvement programme. You can use this service to send SMS texts to your climote HUB from your phone and is provided on top of our remote app and web access service, for those times when you don’t have a smartphone, or the mobile phone signal simply isn’t strong enough to get an app connection.

The climote Remote Text Service provides users with a local text number that avoids the possibility of international SMS charges when using certain SIMs. There is currently no extra charge from climote for this service, provided you are up to date with your annual climote subscription. Existing climote customers are unaffected and can continue to text their unit directly at local rates.

When you register your new device via the climote website, you will be advised of the number to text for your device; if you have more than one device we will advise a separate number for the second device. Make a note of the number and store it in your mobile for ease of texting. This service will work from any mobile phone – it doesn’t have to be a Smartphone – and supports the common text commands on the climote Pocket Guide that came with your climote.

In order to use the service you must enter your correct mobile number under “Contact Number” at registration. Additional climote users are supported, provided they are added as New Users, each with their own Contact Number, on the climote website.