Remote control for your home heating

With climote, you can control your home heating from anywhere. Whatever the weather or wherever you are, you can arrive home to a warm house. Whatever way your day works out, you can reset, boost your heating or even turn on your hot water – from anywhere.

At Home
Stuck in traffic
At Work

Installation in Just 30 Minutes

When you buy climote, we’ll arrange for a climote –endorsed installer to visit your home. And in as little as 30 minutes, in three simple steps, they’ll have installed your climote HUB and you’re ready to start controlling your home heating from anywhere


We’ll remove your old time clock. There are no new wires or cables required. Your 30 minute installation is fuss-free and we can guarantee there’ll be no impact on your home.


We simply remove your current time clock and replace with your new climote HUB. No taking up floorboards, no unnecessary hassle. Just a fast, tidy installation.


At climote, our focus is on service so your climote installer will then give you a full demonstration on how to programme your new climote HUB and how to use the app, online & SMS services

Control your climote HUB in three different ways

When you buy climote, the climote HUB will be installed in your home and you can download
a free app to enable you to control it remotely from your Smartphone.

climote SMS

Climote is equally at home with text commands sent direct to the HUB. Easy commands give you total control and you can save them as templates, making managing your home heating easier than ever.

climote ONLINE

Use climote CLOUD on the Internet from home, work or abroad to manage your home heating however you choose. You can just click and drag to set up three different on/off periods per day for all the zones of your home heating

Free Mobile App

Anywhere is truly possible with your iOS or Android smartphone. Setting schedules, boosting your heating and saving energy are just a smartphone-swipe away.

iTunes App Store Google Play Store

It’s the digital version of the time-clock on your wall

Setting the time-clock on your wall can be a frustrating experience. Whether it’s fiddling with the pins or navigating your way around a digital clock, you’ll probably agree it’s time for a change.

The climote HUB takes the mechanical nature of your existing time clock and converts it to a digital version. In just 30 minutes, it‘s installed in your home.

A clear digital interface means it’s very easy to use.

You can control it on the wall or simply communicate with your climote HUB by sending messages through your Smartphone, by SMS or over the cloud.

Only climote lets you control your heating from anywhere you want. Anytime you like. And come home to a warm home very soon.