climote ONLINE heating control on your laptop



Using climote ONLINE, you can manage all your home heating requirements and retain full control over scheduling and heating zones. When you log on, you will see the all the main control functions on your homepage. Reporting is included as standard and you can review historical heating and climote usage at the click of your mouse.



Your climote ONLINE is the best place to set your schedules and edit your settings. You may wish to rename or manage your zones or add new users to manage your climote HUB. Once applied through climote ONLINE, these changes are available on your Smartphone, HUB and mobile phone.



climote ONLINE- Your climote Web Portal – at a glance

  • Highly intuitive interface makes navigating and management easy
  • Edit function allows you to select desired times/days and zones
  • Boost function means you can switch on heating instantly in the areas of the house you choose.
  • Holiday mode enables you to suspend heating schedules without cancelling them
  • User reports give you up-to-date data on home heating usage, allowing you to monitor as required and establish patterns.
  • My schedules helps you manage up to 9 different 7 day heating schedules which you can view, edit, delete, activate as required. New schedules are added easily.
  • climote ONLINE is supported by most common browsers.